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  • KYOTO UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION Infant Education, Associate Professor


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  • Inclusive Practice for Children Requiring Medical Care in Nursery Schools, Japanese Journal of Qualitative Psychology, vol.20 (1) (p.278 - 297) ,Japanese Association of Qualitative Psychology, 2021.03, Tomoko Higashimura, Terumi Sameshima

    Multiple Authorship

  • Discursive structure and some concept for action research to the understanding and popularizing of special adoption in Japan, Journal of Group Dynamics, vol.34 (p.3 - 19) , 2017.03, Ichiro Yatsuzuka, Tomoko Higashimura, Akiko Rakugi

    Multiple Authorship

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  • Relational Being: Beyond Self and Community, 2020.09

    Scholarly Book, Joint Translation

  • Muscal Identity, 2011.09

    Scholarly Book, Joint Translation

  • An Invitation to Social Construction, 2004.11

    Scholarly Book, Single Translation

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  • International conference, 2019.06, “Learning through Play” in Japanese Preschool Education: Why is it interesting but difficult? , Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (public offering)

  • International conference, 2018.11, Preschool children’s pieces of art as “artifacts” which enabled varieties of children’s actions and interactions: A case study of “witch’s broom” activity, Poster (general)